The Kid Companion Program, Kissimmee, FL

The Kid Companion Program was established in 1999 by the Retired & Volunteer Program, a sponsored agency of the Council on Aging. The program takes place once weekly, bringing at-risk youth and senior volunteers together for mentoring activities in a safe and caring environment. Paired with senior mentors for one-on-one interaction, the students receive the encouragement they need to develop their social skills and self-esteem while participating in constructive learning activities. Camaraderie is encouraged among the students and mentors through activities such as: arts and crafts, share and care sessions, snack time, guest speakers, volunteer activities, homework assistance and field trips. The children also celebrate their accomplishments with their parents and mentors at an end-of-term Recognition Banquet. Amscot Financial presented a $1,000 contribution to the Kid Companion Program which went toward the purchase of art supplies for the program.