How Amscot Supports Our Communities

There are many ways to improve the lives of those who matter to us. It can be as simple as a free everyday service that saves a customer money. Or, in the face of unprecedented times, it can mean taking extra measures to meet the critical needs of many. Yet, it also means supporting the many organizations that drive positive change in a community. At Amscot, we strive to make a difference and help our customers and communities.

  • Since 2002, it has cost Amscot $263 million to provide all our customers with free money orders.
    Even after all these years people still can’t believe we don’t charge purchase fees on money orders. From paying rent, utilities, car payments and more ... our money orders are free even if customers don’t use our other services! Many places charge an average of $2.03* for each and every money order, and that’s money Amscot customers get to keep in their pockets. To date, Amscot has provided our customers with 129.7 million free money orders.
    *NerdWallet Survey, 4/20
  • In 2020, to help Florida consumers during the height of the pandemic, Amscot did not charge any fees for customers to cash their Coronavirus U.S. Treasury Stimulus Checks.
    Amscot is proud to share that, as a Company, in the 2020 calendar year we cashed over 183,000 Coronavirus U.S. Treasury Stimulus Checks, totaling over $124 million, at no charge to consumers.
  • Since its beginning, Amscot has contributed over $11 million to Florida not-for-profits.
    Amscot and its founders have supported hundreds of Florida not-for-profits through the years. Each of these organizations plays a vital role in the health and growth of our communities, and we are honored to support them. For more information about Amscot’s charitable giving, click here.
  • Amscot gives away 20 million Tootsie Rolls every year!