It's true. Blue & Yellow make Green.

At Amscot, we take our part in protecting the environment seriously. From recycling materials to making earth-friendly choices, we're out to set an example of what a company can do in its everyday operations to be Green.  See? Yellow and Blue aren't our only company colors. 


Amscot’s Annual Recycling & Conservation Facts:

  1. Amscot recycles fluorescent light bulbs to keep harmful mercury contamination out of inappropriate waste disposal streams. In the last 12 months we have sent 21,640 linear feet – or 4.09 miles - of florescent tubes for recycle. (All new Amscot branches are now built using LED lights and durable surfaces that reduce the need for replacement and repainting.)

  2. Over 154 tons of paper was sent out for recycling.

  3. Worn out carpet is returned to the distributor for recycling.

  4. 15,472 cubic yards of landfill space was conserved, over the past year, due to Amscot’s recycling initiatives. 

  5. Because of Amscot’s recycling efforts 2,630 trees, 58,794 gallons of oil, 742,661- kilowatt energy hours and 1,083,047 gallons of water were conserved in the last 12 months.