The Hi-Tech Tutoring Center, Inc. - Orlando, FL

Amscot Financial presented a $1,000 contribution to The Hi-Tech Tutoring Center, Inc. a nonprofit computer-based corporation committed to providing after-school, computer-assisted tutoring in the basic skills of reading, writing, math and science to children, youths and adults. Founded in 1991 by Mrs. Ernestine Mosley, HTTC strives to instill in the students the desire to learn and to motivate them to achieve the highest possible levels of academic performance. While HTTC’s primary focus is on the basic skills necessary for success in school, the programs are designed to enhance the skill level of every enrolled student. As a result, many of the students are working to improve reading and math skills, but some are also gifted students working toward improved test scores in anticipation of college enrollment. The donation received from Amscot Financial will be used to purchase school supplies and educational software and to provide services for students who are unable to pay the nominal tutoring fees.