Tampa Downtown Partnership

Tampa Downtown Partnership’s Vision Statement: “…to reinforce and expand downtown Tampa’s role as the primary business, government, cultural, entertainment, and activity center of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. The focus is the development of a variety of residential neighborhoods throughout downtown Tampa that ease live/work/play relationships, and return people to the streets of downtown Tampa in the evenings. The Vision includes revitalization of downtown Tampa’s waterfront edge as a unique people place, while adding more parks and usable open space to downtown destinations. The vision is to make downtown Tampa truly the place people want to be—to live, work, visit, and enjoy.”

Amscot believes in the enrichment of Tampa’s Downtown district and donated bike helmets to the Annual Commuter Choices Week held at Lykes Park in downtown Tampa.

For more information on the Tampa Downtown Partnership, visit their website at: www.tampasdowntown.com.