Orange County Head Start Uniform Program, Orlando, FL

Amscot Financial presented a $1,000 donation to Orange County's Health and Family Services Department, Head Start Division, in support of the Child Uniform Program for Engelwood Elementary School. The Orange County Head Start Program is among the best early childhood development programs in the nation. The Program's vision is to set the standard of excellence in leadership and services necessary to conquer the changes and challenges of a 21st Century generation. Currently the Program serves 1,416 children and families at 30 center-based sites. The goal for Orange County 's Head Start Child Uniform Program is to purchase and provide five sets of uniforms for each participant in the Program. A set of uniforms includes 5 Polo shirts each (for both boys and girls) in addition to 3 pair of shorts and 2 pair of pants for boys and 3 pair of skorts and 2 pair of long shorts for girls. Amscot's donation to the Program will provide a complete uniform set for three girls and three boys.