Child Protection Education of America – ID Me Know Fingerprinting Program


The Child Protection Education of America, Inc. (CPEA), a national non-profit organization for missing children based in Tampa, FL participates in every Amscot Grand Opening Event. The CPEA provides fingerprinting for children through their “ID ME NOW” program, which produces a state-of-the-art, specially designed card, for parents to keep. The card contains a set of the child’s digital fingerprints, a black and white photo of the child, a dental chart, and instructions on how to do a simple DNA collection. Safety brochures are provided with the fingerprint card, as well as an envelope containing further information on how to complete their child safety kit. This information can assist parents and law enforcement officers involved with a missing child case. The information and services provided by the CPEA to Amscot customers is free.

For more information on the Child Protection Education of America, visit their website