Amscot contributes to Central Florida Children’s Home

Grand Openings

ORLANDO – Amscot held grand openingn on Oct. 21, 2006 at Branch No. 102 at East Colonial and Goldenrod Road in Orlando. As part of the event, Amscot donated $1,000 to the Central Florida Children’s Home.

Central Florida Children’s Home, Inc., was founded in 1973 by Eastland Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Clyde F. Green. Its mission is to care for children whose parents either cannot or will not provide for them because of difficulties in their life and/or difficulties in the child’s life.

The Home takes in entire families of children, thus keeping siblings from being separated. A Christian atmosphere and “home” setting with a “mom and dad” give a secure environment and needed love. Academic achievement is emphasized to ensure that the children are well prepared for higher academic studies or vocational training for the job market. The children are assigned chores and responsibilities to help develop character and discipline. The Home strives to develop the children into productive and responsible citizens.

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